Bator Tabor
So far I've raised: $12,535
Bátor Tábor is raising money to send kids with serious illnesses to camp through the A&F Challenge, Abercrombie & Fitch Co.'s largest annual fundraiser.

SeriousFun Children's Network, founded by actor Paul Newman, is a global community of camps for kids with serious illnesses and their families. Specially-designed facilities and programs allow every child, no matter what medical condition they have, to experience the magic of camp, always free of charge.

Bátor Tábor is the only Central European member of SeriousFun, receiving annually over 1000 seriously ill children and their families to its campsite in Hungary. By making a donation you help us to change lives overseas!

On 1st of September, 2018 Bátor Tábor organizes a Golf Challenge in Hungary. Those contributing and participating from the U.S. would support the cause through the A&F Challenge.

Thanks to the benevolence of Abercrombie & Fitch, SeriousFun and thus Bátor Tábor receives not only the full amount of your donation, but an additional match from A&F if we hit the $5000 or $10,000 levels.
My Donations:
09/08/2017 William and Lynn Kerdyk $250
09/06/2017 The Toth Family $300
09/04/2017 Nicholas Kabcenell $2,875
09/03/2017 Keith D Reuben $1,100
08/31/2017 Susan Blakeslee $800
08/31/2017 Edward Phillips $2,500
08/29/2017 Roxanne and Henry Brandt Foundation $4,000
08/26/2017 Csaba $200
08/25/2017 Laszlo $10
08/14/2017 Julianne Tamasy $500

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