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SeriousFun Children's Network

Founded by Paul Newman, SeriousFun Children's Network is a global community of camps and programs where children with serious illnesses get to experience the magic of camp. For a week at a time, being sick takes a back seat to simply being a kid. Specially-designed facilities and programs allow every child, no matter the medical condition, the opportunity to experience laughter, adventure, courage and friendship at camp, always free of charge. The network consists of 30 camps and programs worldwide.

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. has been linked to SeriousFun since 2011 when the brand began a relationship with member camp Flying Horse Farms, which is located outside of Columbus, Ohio, near the company's headquarters. In the last five years, company associates have volunteered more than 7,000 hours at Flying Horse Farms. They have trained and served as camp counselors and redesigned and painted the "WellNest", camp's medical center, to make it more welcoming for the campers. Driven by a groundswell of associate enthusiasm, Abercrombie & Fitch's partnership with Flying Horse Farms has expanded into one with the entire SeriousFun Children's Network.

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"Our associates are passionate about this partnership and our further commitment to SeriousFun will allow even more opportunities for them to get involved in camps throughout the world," said Fran Horowitz, President & Chief Merchandising Officer of Abercrombie & Fitch Co. "We wholeheartedly believe in the wonderful work that is occurring throughout the SeriousFun network and we are thrilled to provide more support to the organization in the coming years."

Fran Horowitz, Chief Merchandising Officer