Q: When is the A&F Challenge?
A: The A&F Challenge will be on Friday, September 9th at the A&F Home Office in New Albany, Ohio.

Q: When should I arrive at the A&F Challenge?
A: The A&F Challenge will start at 5pm on 9/9/16. You are welcome to come into the party at any time but please plan ahead if you are going to participate in the run!

Q: Where do I park when I arrive at the event?
A: When you enter the parking lot, A&F security associates will direct you where to go. Associates will also be stationed to direct you to the event entrance from your car.

Q: If I don't want to run can I still come?
A: Yes! The A&F Challenge is a party and we want you to attend. Please choose the party only option when registering for this event.


Q: How many guests can I bring?
A: Everyone is able to register unlimited adults and children for this event! Please make sure to register each of them through the website.

Q: Can I register the day of the event?
A: Absolutely! You can even register after the event has started.

Q: Is there a fundraising requirement?
A: There is no fundraising requirement. However, we would love for you, family & friends to donate to SeriousFun Children's Network through our website or at the event!

Q: What is a virtual participant and how can I be one?
A: Virtual participants are those who choose to participate in the A&F Challenge by only registering and fundraising instead of attending the event or volunteering. Each virtual participant will receive a fundraising profile and an event tee.

Q: How can I fundraise for the A&F Challenge?
A: Check out our fundraising tool kit for tips and tricks to start fundraising today!

Please email ANFChallenge@abercrombie.com with any questions!

Q: How do I register if I am a vendor?
A: Once you have made a donation to the A&F Challenge, registration spots will automatically open up for you. To access these spots, please log in to the website using your vendor #and password that was provided in the letter you received.

Q: What if I lost my vendor # and password?
A: If you lost your vendor # and password, please reach out to ANFChallenge@abercrombie.com. We will respond with your vendor information as soon as possible.


Q: How do I make a donation to the A&F Challenge?
A: You can make a donation to this event through check, credit card or wire transfer. For all specific donation questions, please reach out to ANFChallenge@groundworkgroup.org. You can also make a personal donation through the website or a participant profile.

Q: How does A&F handle tax acknowledgements / receipts?
A: All donors will receive a receipt once the charitable contribution has been received.

Q: Is the A&F Challenge a 501(c)(3)?
A: Yes, the A&F Challenge is a 501(c)(3). If you would like more information about our tax ID # please email us at ANFChallenge@abercrombie.com.

Q: Who do I make checks payable to?
A: Checks must be drawn on a U.S. Bank, payable in U.S. dollars. Mail completed form with check payable to:

A&F Challenge
P.O. Box 713685
Cincinnati, OH 45271-3685

Q: What do I receive as a sponsor of this event?
A: Please review the sponsor benefit form you received in your official A&F challenge packet! If you have additional questions regarding your sponsor benefits, please email ANFChallenge@abercrombie.com.


Q: What is my registration fee as a volunteer?
A: To volunteer at this event, there is a registration fee of $25. All volunteers will receive an event tee as a part of this fee.

Q: What if I sign up as a volunteer and realize I can't make it?
A: Please email ANFChallenge@abercrombie.com and we will adjust your participant profile.

Q: What if I signed up for the party and want to volunteer instead?
A: Please email ANFChallenge@abercrombie.com and we will adjust your participant profile.

Q: Can my family still come to the Challenge if I am a volunteer?
A: Yes, of course! Please register them as guests through the A&F Challenge website.

Q: Can my family volunteer?
A: We are only able to accept A&F associates as volunteer for this event.

Q: When will I learn about specific volunteer duties and requirements?
A: Every volunteer will receive an email detailing all roles and responsibilities as well as introducing you to your volunteer captain! Look for this email around the beginning of September!

Q: Are there additional volunteer opportunities besides what is offered the day of the event?
A: There are always projects that the A&F Challenge team needs help with. If you are interested in volunteering, but unable to attend the day-of, please email ANFChallenge@abercrombie.com.

Q: What are the volunteer jobs at the A&F Challenge?

  • Activity Volunteers - Work an activity at the Challenge and help guests enjoy their experience!
  • Beer Servers - Pour and serve all beer to Challenge participants
  • Greeters - Direct and greet all A&F Challenge participants
  • Camp Fitch Volunteers - Provide support in Camp Fitch for all activities
  • Liquor Servers - Pour and serve all cocktails to Challenge participants
  • Merchandise Tent Volunteers - Sell exclusive A&F Challenge merchandise!
  • Race Course Volunteers - Serve water to all runners!
  • Registration Volunteers - Check-in registered participants including associates, guests, vendors & neighbors.
  • Run Start/Finish Volunteers - Cheer on all racers throughout the race course
  • Wine Servers - Pour and serve all wine to Challenge participants
  • Wristband Volunteers - Check all ID's of all challenge participants and provide them with a drink wristband!